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The Jilin city double gull chemical industry limited company in linewith the heavy quality, speaks the prestige, the customer suprememanagement idea, is sincere at your service From now on we willstrive for perfection, to be sure need to meet your needs, will becomeenergy "you to be anxiously anxious □p thought you thought □p willmake will have becomes" the work partner .
Jilin Shuang ou Chemical Co.,Ltd. owns production technology of palladium accelerant hydrogen peroxide with self-support intellectual property. It is one of the enterprises in China that has the transfer right of technology of hydrogen peroxide.

Shuang ou Company transferred hydrogen peroxide technology(10,000T/year, basing on 100%)to AKKIM Company in Turkey in 1995. It transferred hydrogen peroxide technology(20,000T/year, basing on 60%) to Taiwan Nanya Company in 1997 In 2003 melted the limited liability company to the Anhui Huai totransfer for 40,000 tons/years (27.5% to count) the hydrogen peroxidesolution technology; In 2004 transfers for 100,000 tons/years to theShijiazhuang coking group company (27.5% to count) the hydrogenperoxide solution technology The plant was successfully installed at one time and qualified products are produced.
At present, Shuang ou company can provide hydrogen peroxide technology to the related enterprises

Turkey AKKIM hydrogen peroxide plant
DCS automatic control in producing
hydrogen peroxide
Advanced checkout equipment and powerful technical strength.
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